Health & Safety

Glendale Agricultural  Society Ltd
Health and Safety Policy Statement Policy and Aims


In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 the Glendale Agricultural Society is responsible for the health and safety of its employees and that a Safety Policy Statement shall be issued which details the manner in which this responsibility is to be carried out. In addition the Glendale Agricultural Society recognises its responsibility for the health and safety of Society and Committee Members, visitors, exhibitors, contractors, volunteers and members of the public who are attending the Society’s annual show. The Society is committed to the highest attainable standards of health and safety for all of those persons listed above. To enable the highest standards to be achieved and maintained, the Society will ensure that all applicable statutory requirements are enforced and that the provisions of any relevant advisory Codes of Practice are recognised and implemented. Health and Safety shall form part of the Committee Agenda whose purpose is to identify the means by which the aims of the Society for Health and Safety are to be achieved. A series of instructions shall be written which will identify individual responsibility for the safety management of the Show and the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency arising during its course. These instructions shall be known as Show Procedures and will be reviewed annually and further procedures written as a need is identified.  A meeting of the Committee shall be held in the week preceding the annual Show at which time all Chief Stewards will be given instruction on the requirements for health and safety contained in the Show Procedures. The instruction will be appropriate to both their own particular area of responsibility and to the Show general site requirements. It is the responsibility of the Chief Stewards, under the direction and authority of the Chairman of the Committee, to ensure that the Stewards under their control are familiar with all applicable health and safety requirements appropriate to their section. The Chief Stewards must also ensure that the Stewards within their section are trained in the provisions and actions required by the Show Procedures and that their requirements are adhered to and carried out at all times.

Jayne Watson - Health and Safety Officer