Galedin Veterinary


Our journey to become Galedin Vets began over 100 years ago. In 1817, Robert Glaister was invited and paid 50 guineas by the Border Union Agricultural society to move his practice from Wooler in Northumberland, to Kelso. This practice changed hands and more buildings were developed, until eventually the practices became part of the Merlin Veterinary Group.




In 2015, Renton Swan Vets and Merlin Vets decided to team up, and now we practice collectively as Galedin Vets. This partnership has led us to become one of the largest veterinary practices around the Scottish borders and Edinburgh, offering a variety of animal care services.




Whether it’s your small household pet, your horse or your livestock that need our attention, our team of over 30 vets have broad collective experiences to ensure that your animal gets incomparable care.



Telephone: 01289 330066
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Ramparts Vet Centre, Windmill Way West, Berwick upon Tweed, TD15 1TB